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About Us

Why this ?

The Institute of Doctors Engineers and Scientists - IDES is formed to carry on the business of promoting, forming, developing and organizing associations and networks of Medical, Dental, Computer, Electronics, Electrical, Chemical, Petroleum, Physics, Biology, Civil, Mechanical, Management, Bio Technology, Aeronautical, Arts, Science, Textile, Law and all related Doctors, Engineers and Professionals who are in the field of innovation; and to conduct, promote and organize Meetings, Conference, Discussions, Seminars, Workshops, Industry-Research participation; and to publish professional Journals, Magazines and Newsletters; and to carry on research and development on the above fields; and to design, develop, market, purchase, sell, import and export any products or materials of any above Medical, Science and Engineering field.

Our main mission is "To stimulate the researchers to build the world through innovation." The basic Aims & Objectives for which the IDES is established are: » more

At IDES, the main objective is "To Promote the Research and Development activities in the Science, Medical, Engineering and Management field." We achieve this objective and mission by

  • Technical research conferences - creating a platform to present and discuss research results and observations. We organize and help (the universities, colleges and professors) to organize conference of international quality.
  • Publishing journal with innovative papers - creating a platform share and publish the original findings. IDES is publishing more than 100 journals in different fields.
  • Hoisting the quality research contents in online - creating a platform to disseminate knowledge and information. Archiving, and indexing peer-reviewed papers in the Search Digital Library.
  • Undertaking, Monitoring, Managing, and coordinating the research projects University Research Group. Bridging the gap between Industry-Research Groups.

To achieve this mission following associate sub-divisions are formed to be part of The Institute of Doctors Engineers and Scientists; to promote and focus on the different subject and R&D activities.

  1. Association of Computer Electrical Electronics and Communication Engineering (ACEECOM
  2. Association of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineers (AMAE) 
  3. Association of Civil and Environmental Engineers (ACEE)
  4. Association of Biotechnology and Life Science (ABLF)

All the major Associate Network decisions are taken by the Mentor Committee of Associate Networks (MCAN). Boards of Directors are the permanent members of the MCAN; all the Associate Network Heads, Research Group Directors, Chief Editors of the Journals, and some disguised fellow members are generally invited for the MCAN. » more

We welcomes all the Doctors, Engineering Professionals, Research and development center heads, faculty deans, department heads, professors, research scientists, engineers, scholars, experienced software development directors, managers and engineers, and university postgraduate and undergraduate medical, engineering and technology students, etc. and Technical Medical and Engineering Colleges and Universities to join the above groups to exchange information and ideas; in according with our objective; to facilitate this, we call upon to network with us.

The IDES is publishing more than 100 journals in different fields » more To know more about our Publication Policies and Ethics » more