Our main service is "to promote Scientific, Educational, Research and Development activities by improving the theory and practice of all the areas." As a catalyst, following sub-divisions are part of The Institute of Doctors Engineers and Scientists; to promote and focus on the different subject.

  1. Association of Computer Electrical Electronics and Communication Engineering (ACEECOM
  2. Association of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineers (AMAE) 
  3. Association of Civil and Environmental Engineers (ACEE)
  4. Association of Biotechnology and Life Science (ABLF)

We bring together Researchers, Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Scholars and Students in the areas of Medical, Dental, Science, Arts, Law, Engineering and Technology, and provide a forum for the dissemination of original research results, new ideas, Research and development, practical experiments, which concentrate on both theory and practices.

We also encourage regional and international communication and collaboration; promote professional interaction and lifelong learning; recognize outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations; encourage scholar researchers to pursue studies and careers in circuit branches and its applications.

Our association is beyond the scope of just a technical cooperation on the R&D activities; to the cover the rage of services to disseminate knowledge and information.

We are also providing technical support for conducting conferences in colleges by maintaining conference websites, paper submission management, review , editing & formatting, print media publishing, CD media publishing & digital library publishing etc. Our goal is to make the publishing process as both quality and effortless process as possible for organizers and authors.

Associating with the IDES Conference Publishing System (ICPS) provides a range of valuable services.

  • Design, Maintain, and Host conference website
  • Managing the paper submission
  • Maintaining Communication with Authors
  • Reviewing and consolidating the papers
  • Identifying the keynote speakers
  • IDES Branding & Technical Co-Sponsorship
  • Professional marketing of the conference
  • Editing, Formatting and Typesetting
  • Obtaining required ISBN/ISSN for publication
  • Copyright protection for the research
  • High-quality production and printing
  • Possible Indexing & Abstracting
  • Inclusion in the reputed online Digital libraries
  • Post-conference Sales & Distribution
  • Possible Special Issue of the Journal
  • Extended Paper Publication in International Journals

We are very happy to provide the services to your colleges for conducting conferences, workshops, etc. If you are interested please write to the conference admin