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Mentor Committee of Associate Networks (MCAN)

The Mentor Committee of Associate Networks (MCAN) takes all the major Associate Network decisions. Boards of Directors are the permanent members of the MCAN, all the Associate Network Heads, General Co-Chairs, Chief Editors of the Journals, and some disguised fellow members are generally invited for the MCAN. Managing Director of the IDES will be the President of the MCAN and Boards of Directors are the Permanent members; and the Boards of Directors will elect other positions. MCAN will meet occasionally and will take all the decision pertaining to the IDES and Associated Networks

Present MCAN committee Structure

--- Permanent Positions ---


Vice President (Operations)
Vice President (Finance)

Chief Executive Officer

Chief General Manager
Chief Technical Head
Chief Administrative Officer
Chief Finance Officer

General Managers of all Associate Networks

--- Elected Positions ---

General Co-Chair of all Associate Networks

General Chair of all IDES Conferences
Editor-in-Chief of all IDES Journals